Seward Image Library


These are old images from Seward, Nebraska. Most of them were scanned from old photo postcards.


The name of the image describes the subject, and any known dates are appended to the file name. Dates such as ā€œ20sā€ refer to the decade of the 20s. Dates such as ā€œ1xā€ bear a marked date with an illegible final digit.



Image Archive (<1 MB) for Screen Viewing

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Large Versions of the Same Images

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These images reside in Microsoft OneDrive cloud folders. You will initially see a list of file names, but you can pull down a menu on the upper right to select "Tiles" and then you will a thumbnails of all the images:

Image files with names that include mk are from the collection of Mark Kolterman.

Image files with names that include graff are from the collection of Jane Graff.

Please note that only the large image folder contains .pdf versions of two old picture books from Mark, and

I believe all of these images are in the public domain so you do not need my permission to download, share, print, etc.


Click here for a .pdf Contact Page of the photos (235 MB).